If you’re in Southern California and looking to hire quality help for the short or long term, using an employment agency in Orange County is an excellent idea for a number of reasons. Using a staffing service to find work can also be a good plan for individuals seeking jobs, and – interestingly enough – it’s for some of the same reasons.


For Employers

Sometimes a business needs employees just for the short term. Shipping companies, for instance, need extra hands on deck during the holiday season, and accountants sometimes need additional help during tax time. A hiring agency can provide short term employees, and the beauty of the arrangement is that often these workers don’t want long-term employment; no one is disappointed when the extra work ends and it’s time for the temps to go home.

On the other hand, some temporary workers in Orange County do want to work on a permanent employment basis, and, as an employer, using a hiring agency is an excellent way to see how people perform without making a permanent commitment. After all, interviews and resumes can only tell you so much; the ultimate test of how someone will perform at a job is to have them actually try doing it. If the person is doing well, then maybe you can find a permanent spot for them. If not, they’ll be gone when the contract with the agency ends.

Additionally, as an employer, using temps during busy times allows your permanent employees to focus on their core tasks. The temporary workers can take on the extra work, leaving your permanent people free to do what they’re best trained to do.

For Workers

As a worker, you can try out a potential employer through a staffing agency. There’s no better way to find out what the culture of a business is truly like than working there. Even if the job is just a temporary one, you’ll know at the end of your time at that particular workplace whether it’s worth pursuing long-term employment there.

Also, even if a temporary job isn’t what you really want to do, it’s still something that you can list on your resume. Taking a temporary job – any job – when you’re out of work shows the world that you’re willing to do what it takes to succeed.

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