When you look for a company online, you are not the only one that does the screening. Once you submit your application, your potential employer will review your resume and determine, if you are the right fit. They look for certain skills and personality traits to make sure that you are not only the right person for the job, but your values also represent their organization. Knowing some of the characteristics that employers look for allows you to identify which company is likely to hire you.


Orange County employment firms share that one of the main concerns of employers when hiring a candidate is the person’s ability to work in a team. Can you follow or reach a compromise for the greater good of the company? Your ability to work well within the team concept gives you an advantage. This is important in the workplace because it stimulates creativity and allows the group to come up with the best possible solution for a campaign or a problem.

skills and personality traits

People Person

An employment agency in Orange County states that communication is a vital skill in any organization. Your ability to convey a message effectively nets you plus points with your future employer. This shows that you can connect with people, lead them or entice a customer to buy or use a service.

Analytical Mind

An employer will test how your mind analyzes through a battery of tests, whether personal or cognitive. If you pass the initial screening, they will conduct interviews to determine if you are fit for the job or not. An analytical mind is an important skill because it gauges how you understand numbers and situations objectively. If a potential employer likes the way you think, make connections and see the big picture, you have a better chance of landing the job.

Technical Knowhow

You might have the charm, the confidence and maybe even the looks to make it big, but if you lack the technical knowledge, then you are unlikely to get the job. You need adequate knowhow of the industry of the company you want to join. Simply having passion isn’t enough; if you think you lack certain technical skills, get proficient by signing up for online certificates or short courses.

Leadership Potential

Some companies hire because of the leadership potential they see in you. They want someone who is assertive, confident and has the technical knowledge to succeed in their organization.

These are just a few of the skills and personality traits that a prospective employer is looking for in a candidate. Having some or all of these increases the possibility of landing you the job.



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