Anaheim - Even a Mouse Needs Help From Time to Time

This may come as a surprise to some, but Anaheim has a lot more to offer than just a Magic Castle and a mouse with oversized ears. Yes, the Disney Resort plays a huge role in Anaheim business life, is the city's largest employer with a cast of 31,000 on its payroll, and brings in millions in tax revenue, but other, equally magical companies call Anaheim home too. Invero Staffing, as the go-to employment agency for top businesses in Anaheim, works with many of those enterprises.

Disney is big, but then so is Anaheim. With a population of approaching 355,000, Anaheim is the largest city in Orange county and the 10th largest community in California. In addition to Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, Anaheim is also home to the Angles and the Ducks, has a huge and popular convention center, massive distribution centers, and a fast growing, world-class business center.

And best of all, especially for us as a staffing company, the workforce is large, well educated, diverse, and simply exceptional. Our Anaheim network of talent is one of our largest and most creative. Anaheim employers looking for IT pros, customer service agents, call center reps, accounting specialists, technical and non-technical HR staff, non-clinical medical help, even logistics and distribution workers can benefit from our robust talent network. Orange County is home to a lot of great talent.

In Anaheim You Are Known by the Company You Keep

There's no question that the resort business and the hospitality industry that supports it are seriously important to Anaheim's economic health. But there's another, more traditional side to the business community and it's filled with some world-class players. If you are thinking about expanding your business or relocating to Anaheim, consider the names of the company you will be keeping.

The automotive industry is represented by Isuzu's American headquarters and Fisker Automotive. Manufacturing and Electronics are represented by Raytheon, Lockheed, General Dynamics, Panasonic, and Hewlett Packard. A string of healthcare, communications and logistics companies round out the biggest of the players who make Anaheim home.

The Anaheim Canyon Business Park is the largest of its kind in Orange County, housing over 2,600 businesses and employing more than 65,000 workers. Yes, Anaheim is about more than mouse ears and marches down Main Street.

Anaheim Economic Development Team Thinks the More the Merrier

Anaheim goes out of its way to attract new business and assist entrepreneurs who want to start new enterprises in the city. A team comprised of Anaheim Workforce Investment Board, Anaheim Public Utilities, Community & Economic Development, and the City's Planning Department stand ready to lend customized support to new and prospective ventures.

That support includes access to the latest in demographic data, one on one planning, worker training assistance, new worker credits, technical assistance to reduce energy costs, assistance in finding available commercial space, and other services.

The city wants your business and so do we. When you make the decision, let's meet and discuss the benefits we can bring as your staffing company partner. Welcome to Anaheim!


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