Any attorney recognizes that working with an exceptional legal assistant is a force multiplier. A talented legal assistant brings organization to the process, allows the attorney to be more effective, speeds up case handling, and generally handles all the administrative minutia required in the practice of law. The professional recruiting company Invero Staffing, specializes in sourcing legal administrative talent to the legal community. If you need to add a new legal assistant, or you have a temporary requirement due to heavy caseload, the professional recruiters at Invero Staffing can help.

Our network of legal talent is large and diverse ranging from receptionist to executive legal assistant. Our legal staffing specialists are experts in understanding the administrative tasks, the work environment, the pressure, and key traits of successful legal support staff. They are talented in evaluating candidates to ensure not just a match of skills, but of work ethic and culture as well. When you need a perfect match, you need the professional staffing company that understands the legal industry. You need Invero Staffing.

Invero Staffing – Sourcing the Best in Legal Administrative Support

As a professional employment agency, we perform background verification and standard skill assessment on all of our candidates before they are entered into our network. But then we go deeper. We want to know more than work history or if a candidate is proficient with Abacus Law or Bill4Time. We interview face-to-face to determine what motivates a person, what makes them happy at work and what environment works best for them. We don’t want to make referrals based only on CV. We want to make perfect matches and we can’t do that without truly getting to know each candidate. If you need permanent or temporary legal assistant support today, call the specialists at Invero Staffing now!

If Della Quit, Perry Mason Would Have Called Invero Staffing Company


A legal firm experiencing a heavier caseload than normal contacted Invero Staffing looking for a legal administrative assistant to assist the office for eight months. The position required extensive administrative skills, preferably in a legal setting, and exceptional computer skills.


Our legal staffing specialist ran a search of our network looking for experience in processing confidential documents and correspondence, communicating with clients in a legal setting, data input, appointment setting, and experience in our client’s legal practice, and of course, eight months of availability. The search revealed two perfect fits.


Both candidates were interviewed by the client and one was selected for the position. Both were perfect fits thanks to our ability to drill down on not just the CV and skill assessment results, but the whole person. Our client benefited from our personal approach to each candidate in the network.

typical roles we fill

  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Legal Administrative Assistant
  • Legal Assistant
  • Legal Secretary
  • Document Coder
  • Legal Records Manager
  • Legal Receptionist
  • File Clerk
  • Copy Center Professional
  • Office Manager
  • Litigation Assistant

We have utilized Invero’s legal staffing service for several years now and they have always done great job finding us candidates with a legal administrative background. I would recommend their services!

-Ben Moore, Partner, Family Law Firm


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