Pasadena - Floats, Rockets, Bankers, and World Class Geeks

Pasadena, CA is best known for kicking off America's new year with its Parade of Roses and iconic gridiron contest, the Rose Bowl. But there is much more to this city in the San Gabriel foothills than seed-covered floats, marching bands and a classic football clash of champions. Pasadena, which is located just northeast of Los Angeles, is home to about 145,000 people and a mix of small, medium and large businesses across a diverse mix of industries. Job categories required by Pasadena businesses are diverse as well. Job titles can be as varied as rocket scientist, packer, cloud management and bookkeeper.

It's that mix of staffing requirements that make Pasadena one of our busiest locations. We are an employment agency that specializes in administrative, financial/accounting, IT/technical, legal and manufacturing talent. With the improving economy and the tightening of the labor market, more employers are relying on us and our effective recruiting methodology to handle their permanent and temporary staffing needs.

Our task is made easier because the Pasadena workforce is well educated, diverse, and active. We can find the experience and skill set needed in our Pasadena network. The challenge is matching employer and candidate work cultures. We don't just match skills to requirements. We create win-win solutions by ensuring candidates and employers share the same approach and culture needed to successfully perform the job.

In short, Pasadena is good for our employment agency business as it is good for all businesses.

Why the Big Guns do Business in Pasadena, CA

Pasadena has long been a magnet for both brand name established businesses and entrepreneurial startups. The city's business friendly environment, recognized as a Most Business Friendly City finalist by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, actively promotes and assists new commercial ventures in the city. But it takes more than a receptive city government to make a community a first choice for business.

As proof of that, have a look at some of the biggest employers in Pasadena. The list includes NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), Caltech, Kaiser Permanente, Bank of America, Parsons, and Hathaway-Sycamores. And when you have these types of large organizations, you have a larger number of smaller companies contracting with the big guns.

Future Yourself Here

That's the tagline for the Pasadena Office of Economic Development. If you are considering starting up a business or relocating your organization, you owe it to yourself to contact this organization. Pasadena is business friendly and the state has a myriad of economic assistance programs for new or relocating businesses.

When you are ready to make the move, contact us. Let's start a conversation about your staffing needs.


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