Digitization of the manufacturing process has created a whole new suite of skills required for manufacturing/industrial workers from material handlers to production managers. Advances in technology, coupled with a near full-employment economy, threatens to take away some of the strategic hiring strategies common in the 20th century. Industry still needs the ability to expand and contract their workforce, especially within highly interdependent supply chain environments. Hiring who you need when you need them is a challenge, but the professional staffing company Invero Staffing can help.

We understand the many challenges that manufacturers face today. We understand that identifying exceptional industrial talent requires more than reviewing a resume and confirming experience. When you need to add to your team or surge labor to meet peak demand, we have the talent to do the job.

Partnering with a Recruiting Company that can Deliver

The driving force at Invero Staffing is our belief that everyone has a place where they can thrive at work and in life. Our job is to find that place. That’s particularly true for our manufacturing/industrial talent. Our network of industrial candidates is large and diverse. More importantly, we know more about these people than just what’s on their work history. Our interviews are designed to identify what motivates them, what their work ethic is, and their personal culture. We don’t want to make a match just on skills. We want a perfect match that is a win-win for client and candidate alike.

Partnering With a Resourceful Recruiting Company


An existing manufacturing client contacted our office looking for a talented maintenance mechanic to cover for an employee going on an eight month leave of absence. Although the commitment was for an eight-month temporary project, the client indicated there was a possibility for permanent employment at the end of the project. The position called for extensive experience on specific machinery to reduce the amount of training time required.


Our manufacturing/industrial staffing specialist sat down with the client to get specifics on the equipment involved, expectations, and general work environment. A search of our network was completed, looking for experience repairing and maintaining specific machinery and the availability to work on a temp basis for eight months. We found several candidates, but after face-to-face interviews, we narrowed the choice to one perfect match.


After 13 days from receiving the order, the skilled maintenance mechanic referred by Invero Staffing was on the job. He worked that position on a temporary basis for 10 months and was then converted to a direct hire. This was just another example of providing the right talent for the right job that is the hallmark of our recruiting service.

typical roles we fill

  • Equipment Engineer
  • Material Handler
  • Machinist
  • Electronic Technician
  • Process Engineer
  • CNC Operator
  • Assembler Light Non-electronic
  • Drill Operator
  • Extrusion Operator
  • Machining Supervisor
  • Millwright
  • Quality Control Inspector

I use Invero because my company likes to start people temporarily before hiring them on. When I have a need for a machinist or material handler, I always call Invero Staffing they are great to work with and always fill the position in a timely manner.

-Jose Morales, Manufacturing Supervisor


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