Not having a job when you want one is a terrible feeling. The Southern California sun may be shining outside, but if you’re out of work, it’s hard to think about anything but your own woes. There’s absolutely no stigma to working a temporary job today; many people are doing it.


Psychological Boost

Even if a temporary job isn’t your dream job, simply having any job at all will do wonders for your spirits. A temporary job will get you out of the house and get you earning money through your own efforts, which is crucial for your own psychological well-being, not to mention for paying the bills. If you’re not working, it’s easy to fall into negative patterns of sleeping late, relentlessly surfing the Internet, watching too much televisions, etc.

When people ask you what you do for a living, you can tell them about your temporary job instead of saying you’re unemployed. Also, temp agencies can put you to work very quickly – sometimes in just a few days – and allow you to earn while you simultaneously search for long-term employment.


Often, when you’re applying for a job, the first (and sometimes only) thing that your potential employer will check is how well you’re doing at your current job. If you don’t have a current job, then it can look really bad. Working a temp job will give you the opportunity to create a positive reference to put down on job applications when you’re asked for the name and number of your current supervisor. Knowing the right people is as crucial to success today as it ever was, and obtaining work through a temp agency can help.


Placement can allow you to check out some of the many industries thriving in Southern California firsthand. Healthcare, technology and finance are all booming currently. There is absolutely no substitute for learning about a field than working in it, even at an entry-level position. Also, entry-level jobs are increasingly becoming a key component of advancement in many fields. For instance, many nursing schools now require practical experience working in a healthcare setting for admittance. In short, you never know what useful skills you’ll pick up.

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